Westhaven Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. was founded February 17,1996. Contrary to most business developments, Westhaven was developed out of faith and a commitment to service. All of the partners had prior experience in the funeral home and insurance business. However, we had not considered ownership of a funeral home.

We considered it a divine intervention that such an opportunity was presented to us. The owner of the building, formerly Breland Funeral Home, who was interested in expanding and relocating approached us to determine our interest in purchasing the building.

By faith and prayer we began the process in developing a business plan. With our personal investments, savings and loans from other financial institutions, Westhaven was conceived and developed into an operation where our motto is: “Professional Service You Can Depend On.” Meeting the needs of the community Westhaven has been a six (6) year success.

Additionally, Westhaven offers innovative service and amenities including the Westhaven Choir, which offers benefit performances throughout the community, at churches, funerals, hospitals, nursing and personal care homes.


We pursue excellence and demonstrate our commitment to the delivery of consistent high quality funeral service. We achieve this by actively:

  • Promoting the care of those we are privileged to serve by providing compassionate, appropriate, and timely funeral service.
  • Advance relationships with other funeral facilities and the community.
  • Supporting the development of Westhaven’s integrated funeral services to match best practices and enhance the provision of family centered care.
  • Developing mutually beneficial sharing opportunities which permit us to maintain and improve services to families.


It is our vision to be the funeral service provider of choice and will achieve this by being:

  • Accessible
  • Customer focused
  • State-of the-art
  • Innovative
  • Committed to our families


  • We recognize that we exist for and because of our families.
  • We measure our success through their goodwill.
  • We promote an environment of trust, respect and compassion.
  • We recognize our families as our most important asset and for their unique contribution to our mission.
  • We are a young organization which practice individual and collective development.